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At present, we fly two birds, both Harris Hawks, (Parabuteo Unicinctus).
On the walk, you'll learn why this species is so widely used in falconry.
Lady Macbeth is fifteen years old, with a wingspan of just over a meter, and weighs about a kilo.     Cassius, being male, is smaller with a wingspan just under a meter and weighs about 800 grammes.   A new arrival is Ulysses the barn owl, a featherweight at only 300 grammes.

A Hawk Walk is an introduction to falconry. The cost for each walk or voucher is for a group of up to four people. So if there are one, two, three or four of you the cost is the same. You will be the only people on the walk. It's your walk and no other family or group will be with us.

You fly the bird, you are the falconer.

You will learn how to get the hawk to fly to you, how to send her away, how to feed her on your fist.

You will learn about their way of life, how they are adapted to their environment and see at first hand some of the attributes of these raptors that have fascinated us since the dawn of time.

We're happy to bring the hawks along to private parties, schools, U3A, WI meetings etc.

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We are licenced by North Devon District Council, Animal Welfare Licence AWL0002

Our Refund Policy. Falconry is weather dependent. If I decide that the weather is too rough for the birds, we will postpone until another mutually agreeable date.   Sometimes I can do this a couple of days before, sometimes it is a decision that has to be made on the day.   The birds are animals, not machines and sometimes they will have off days, just like the rest of us.    Again, if the bird decides not to play, or goes off on a mission after a pheasant, we will have to abandon the walk.   If it is not possible to arrange another date, I will give a refund.

I always ask for payment in advance.   Contact me by email and I will give you bank details for a transfer.    As soon as the transfer is done, you'll be booked in.

The Hawk Walks

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More videos of the birds are available on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Can we bring a dog with us?

    No, sorry. The hawks don't like strange dogs.

  • The distance and speed of the walk is entirely up to you. The Withypool walk is on a slight slope, but there’s no hurry. The North Molton one has has a slight slope to begin with, but the rest of the two hundred acres are flat. Again, the speed and distance are up to you. The Exford walk has a steep hill and would not be suitable for anyone with mobility problems.

  • Yes, that's what it's all about. You will learn about falconry by doing it.

  • No, attention span is more important. If the little darling is getting bored and restive and likely to be a risk to themselves, or more importantly, the hawk, then it's time to stop. To be fair, most kids are utterly fascinated by the hawks.

  • Yes, £6 million of public liability insurance. Expensive for us, reassuring for you.

  • No we don't. That's one of the reasons our prices are so low. To arrange a date, please phone or email. You will be asked to make a bank transfer. As soon as the transfer is done, you'll be booked in.

  • That will be an extra £15 for each additional person. Prices for large groups by arrangement.

  • Still £65 or £95, I'm afraid, depending upon which walk you've chosen.

  • No. The price is for a group of up to four people. So whether there is one or four of you, the price is the same. We can easily accommodate larger groups, just ask.

  • Yes. The birds can't fly in heavy rain or strong winds. If I decide the weather is no good, we'll postpone to another mutually agreeable date.

  • We go out all year round, any day of the week.

  • Yes, please contact us and they are valid for 12 months.

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All pictures on this site were taken by Karolina Andreasova or by various customers over the years.
You can see more of Karolina's work on her Facebook page: